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Question mark info support


As far as we know it is not possible to use the built in question mark feature in URCap nodes. Please add support in html for the question mark.

Thank you!

Are you referring to enabling the “Online help” user manual for URCaps to contribute help panes?

@jbm Yes that is what I am referring to.

Thank you!
This topic have been moved to feature requests.
If possible, please elaborate what type of content (text, tables, etc.) that you would like to be able to show in the Online Help for the respective node objects.

Thank you for getting back to me.
Just having text descriptions hidden this way would help clean up GUIs a lot, but ideally having images or even html views would be even better.
And ideally this should of course work with node buttons (in structure), html buttons, text fields, labels, etc…

Hi Jacob,

Any update on this feature request? We are looking to integrate the Online Help of our URCap as well.


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Hi, are there any updates on this feature? We are also interested in the Online Help integration with URCaps.


Thanks for your interest!
This is currently not supported in the URCaps API.