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Textarea html tag missing


what do I need to get a multiline text input in URCap Node?

If I use input with type text, it allows only for single line input. I would like to achieve something like Script Code node with File chosen.

The HTML tag for this is <textarea>, but it is not supported. Is there any workaround?

Here is a workaround you can use. Use CSS to change the width and height of the input box to make it appear as a text area. Then whenever the user enters a string just add that to the pre-existing entries. Here is one way of handling the text.

Hey, thanks for an idea. Looks like this would work for logging (as your code states). Am I right? I am looking for something more like a text editor.

I’m still looking.
I tried to use JTextArea, but it is impossible to attach keyboard to it.

Poking @jbm to get visibility. :wink: