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Question about creating Daemons

I have been looking at the hello-world python script, and wanted to know how I might add a python package to my program.

the MyDaemon or MyDaemonSwing example is based on the HelloWorld URCap. You can take a look in there to get a better idea on how to implement a Python Daemon for your own URCap.

Good morning,
I have looked at the examples, and the hello-world script that I’m referring to is inside those examples.
I would like to add a python package to my python daemon

Check out this thread: Installing a python library for the daemon

Thanks for the link, it is exactly in the direction that I am wanting to go.
I looked at the thread and jacob recommended putting the package in the resources folder, and then “copying it to the native Linux system from Java”
How would I do this with something that one can only download “system wide” through pip or apt-get?
Thanks in advance for any help!