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Programming running state


How can I get program running and stop state into URCap?
Someone please help me on this.


you can get the program state via Real-time Interface (30003)
jbm provided an example (prgstate): Sample: getRobotData Real Time Client reader URCap


alternative via RTDE output: runtime_state

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Thanks @m.nagel. Its working now. :slight_smile:

Can you help me on this as well How to add Parent Node when child insert

really appreciate.

fine, you´re welcome.

edit: copy to corret thread …

jbm did many good examples creating urcaps, I think there are some about ProgramNodes - did you check them?

I would try:
a) first click “myNode”
insert ParentNode and add child “myNode”

*b) second click “myNode” *
check: parentNode is available in tree and/or parentNode is selected => insert second entry “myNode” or new parentNode with child: myNode

Currently I am not sure if functions like “is selected” and “request complete tree” are available but this would be my my first approach (API: com.ur.urcap.api.domain.program.)*

Maybe someone of the UR-Team could give us a short answer. possible: yes/no :slight_smile:

*regards *