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Callback to URcap when program execution stops


Is there a way to get a callback to an installation node when the program execution stops. I guess it would be possible to read RTDE data but I would prefer to simply implement some sort of async method like the hasControl callback that you get when your URCap is given control of the Tool I/O.

Thanks in advance to anyone who may chime in.


For example, I have defined the RTDE client for watching robot state and program state on installation node.
Callback functions are defined as abstract function by myself.
(I am sorry that I cannot show my RTDE class in detail.)

Hi fujikit,

Thanks for the reply, I went ahead and implemented a bear bone RTDE interface that only creates a program_state recipe and I created an interface which that rtde poller uses to notify whoever is setup as the listener that the program execution has either started or stopped.

Thanks for the nudge in the right direction and for confirming that RTDE is the proper way to do this, I would have hated to find out there is a simple callback in the api.


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I am glad to your progress.
Please refer this.