Profinet communication with 500 Hz (2ms)

Hello all,

According to the data sheet, the e series can communicate at 500Hz (2ms).

I want to communicate via Profinet with 500Hz.
But in Siemens TIA Portal I can set min. 8ms (125 Hz).

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RTDE is not on profinet.

If you want to communicate by profinet, follow : Profinet Guide - 20596

If you really want to use RTDE and communicate at 500Hz, you have to develop custom the SCL code in TIA to implement RTDE. You can contact UnderAutomation which has already developed some UR communication protocols with TIA.
I think you can reach 2ms only on the new Siemens CPUs (Open Controller, Simotion, …). On the classic S7-1500 or S7-300, I don’t think you can reach this performance.

Many thanks for the answer.

I have already set up the Profinet successfully.
I am assuming that it also works with Profinet.

ur10e-rgb-fact-sheet-landscape-a4-125-kg.pdf (

Can any of the experts answer the question?

Does it work with Profinet?