Connecting to Siemens PLC via PROFINET

Hi, I want to connect a Siemens S7-1200 to our UR3e’s.
I want it to collect data from them via PROFINET so it can log data on the in-built webserver.
Presumably you can send data such as values and times like this?
If the S7-1200 isn’t turned on and the UR tries to send data to it during the program, will it cause an error and interrupt the program?


Yes you can do it, you just have to install the UR3 gsdml on your PLC and it will generate a varaible table where you have some float registers where you can send values and time.
About sending values from the UR to the PLC when the PLC is turned off, i would not say that the UR program stops since it is only read/writing registers and doesn´t know if the PLC is reading/wrtiting them.If you add verifications or you have to wait and specific value from the PLC then it will be different but as long as you just read/write registers it doesn´t matter.
I leave here the official UR guidefor the e series :
And also a yt tutorial on how to do it if you need, there are many you can check :

I hope this helps!!

The tutorial linked by daanielangos is good and should help you through the process of setting up the connection.

The robot is monitoring the PROFINET connection, and it will throw and error and refuse to run, if the PLC is turned off. :slight_smile:

Thanks all.
I will need to test this.
If the PLC that gathers the data from the cobots is being updated stops the cobots, that will be a problem.

I am almost certain it will stop and show an error. You can test it quickly by enabling PROFINET in the Installation without having a PLC connected, and then starting your program. :slight_smile:

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