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Problems with the Script Sender

Hi all,

I am using Script Sender and ScriptCommand from Jacob’s repository: https://github.com/BomMadsen/URCap-ScriptCommunicator/tree/master/com.jbm.urcap.sample.scriptCommunicator/src/main/java/com/jbm/urcap/sample/scriptCommunicator/communicator.

If the button is clicked, some script commands are sent to the robot.
However, the popups and robot movements are not evoked if I click the button again, whereas the scripts I read and append to the ScriptCommand are being read. Why is that?

Moreover, is there a way to get some syntax error messages while using this method? From what I’ve observed the script is just not executed, when an error is present.

And lastly, is there a limit on how much script I can send or how complex it can be, through this method?

Hi @je1

I’ve never had a problem with script not being executed through the secondary interface, so I suspect that there is likely a syntaxz error somewhere in the script you are sending. I think we would need more details about the script being sent to determine what is going wrong. Regarding error messages, any robot error messages will still be printed in the robot’s “log” tab, and you can use the script command textmsg(printThis) to print strings to the log tab. I do not beleive there is a limit in the amount of sctript that can be sent.
Hope this helps.