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Problems with Get_actual_joint_positions()

Hi, I am doing a program for a UR10 CB series, and i want to compare the position of the joints with some joint positions that i meet, but, when i run the command get_actual_joint_positions() the result that it gave me its diferent that the joint actual position if i convert the position in polyscope to rads, for example:

Now i have the follow positions at the joints:


i copy that to a variable using the command d2r like i show in the follow image:


And i use the get_actual_joint_positions()


And the result of this is:


why is diferent the result? is there a solution? and i would want to know if is there a way to convert from a Pose to a Array of Joints positions, or from an array of joint position to a Pose.


The URScript functions:

joints = get_inverse_kin(pose, ...)
pose = get_forward_kin(joints, ...)

These convert from a Joint Vector to Pose, and vice versa.
Refer to the URScript Manual for the correct syntax.