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Problem including subroutines from scripts

Working with URSim version (July 08 2016):
I’m having what seems to be an intermittent problem including subroutines from scripts in a program. I first became aware of the problem in a program that called multiple script subroutines. While several were included properly, others resulted in the message"Program is not finished. Complete the yellow program-nodes in order to run the program."

I’ve trimmed my original program down to a simple one that shows the problem.

The offending subroutine script (which has worked properly in other contexts) is:

1)the yellow program node references that subroutine, and the tree shows it being present.
2) Attempting to load the subroutine script again from the Command window results in a claim that the subprogram is already loaded (which is consistent with the program tree).
3) Clearing the subprogram and reloading the script does not solve the problem.
4) Saving the program and examining the resulting program script shows that in fact the subroutine in question is not present (see evol2 program script below).

What could I be doing wrong?

This is a bug.
Is has been reported, and is expected to be fixed in next bugfix release (3.3.2).

Since this is obviously a bit of a development impediment, for our scheduling purposes, do you have a target date for the fix?

Is there a location where releases and bug fixes are reported?

For we newbies to Linux Mint, is there a description somewhere on the procedure for updating our version of URSim once a new one is available?

On UR Support Site you can find release notes under FAQ and the URSim under Downloads.
If you sign up for notifications (bottom left) on the support site, you will receive an email, when new SW is released.
When new software is released, it will also be published here.

There is no difference in the SDK from SW 3.3.0 and 3.3.1, and the minor changes from bugfix 0 to 1 is described under the 3.3 release notes under FAQ.

Bugs are reported from Distributors to Regional Technical Support, and bugs related to URCaps API and SDK is reported to support.urcaps@universal-robots.com or in here.

You can have multiple URSim’s installed in same Linux VM.
You just have to modify the path of deployment for your URCap project and navigate into either folder to run start-ursim.sh

Thanks for the info. Just for our scheduling purposes, do you expect the release with the fix for this bug to be in a matter of days, weeks or months.

I have answered you in PM.

Software 3.3.2 had just been released today.
It includes a bugfix for above issue.
It can be downloaded from the Support Site.

For the above test:
Working with URSim version (Sep 05)

From a state in which the above program is running I perform:
File: Save As: evol2.urp
File: Exit: Shutdown Robot

I then restart URSim.

Program Robot
Load Program: evol2.urp

I get the message “Program is not finished complete the yellow program nodes”

I then have to Clear Subprogram (fro_init_cam)
and then Load File (fro_init_cam.script)

Is there a way to perform the Save As and then later, when I restart
URSim and load the program (evol2.urp) have fro_init_cam, or its
functionality be loaded automatically instead of having to go through the manual Clear Subprogram and Load File operations?