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Problem by running helloworld

I have always the same problem trying to build the ´Helloworld´
and i get this message
" Build failed
unable to find an ant file to run"
what can be the problem ?
with best regards

Can you elaborate what you are doing, when you build, i.e. how do you build?
And in what environment.

Also check out some of the deployment methods listed in the tutorial or here.

I’m using a URSim installed in a VM (virtualbox) i’ve already tryed to deploy it using the 4th method as mentioned on the Link what did you sent but didn’t work
maybe i am building the prject from Eclipse the wrong way ?

Try to build it manualy with the command mvn install (in your urcap root).
If it say “build sucess”, you can manualy copy the .urcap to your ~/ursim**/programs ( cp bin/<yourUrcap>.urcap ~/ursim**/programs/ ).
Then you can install it via the ursim -> setup -> urcap etc.

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