Practice remote control robot

Hi I would like to do some research and practice programming and see actual real world application does anyone have a UR robot arm available connected to a webcam that I could use remotely, during off time like in the middle of the night or something? Thank you it would be extremely helpful since I’m operating on a low budget. Also is there any future for a universal robotics system that is capable of replication that could mill out or print out all the necessary parts and components or burrow them from machines and equipment with common components I know alot of industries had to adapt to change rapidly and innovate to produce ventilators out of vacuum cleaner parts and c-pap machines and stuff is there anything like that where it’s completely constructed out of consumer grade equipment and products readily available or easily produced on a CNC or 3d printer affordable to the average consumer. Ok thanks

You can download the simulator for free on UR’s website. Pretty much the same thing you’re gonna get by watching a robot over a webcam as far as writing code and seeing it run. The graphic of the robot moves just like the real one, and will still fault when going into singularity and such.

As for mass producing RIA safety rated components out of 3D printed plastics…I would highly doubt there’s any plan on UR’s part to make what you’re describing happen. You’d be much better off asking that question of more hobby oriented forums like RaspberryPI, arduino, or 3D printer forums. I know a few people in college who made a robot arm to open beercans out of arduinos and 3D printed parts.

Adding to Eric’s post, the simulator doesn’t recognize my grippers and I haven’t found a solution. Any simulated program for me is almost useless because of this.