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Downgrade robot software

We are planning to upgrade a CB3.0 UR10 robot from Polyscope 3.2.18744 to 3.12 or newer.
Is it still possible to downgrade the robot in case of any compatibility issues?
I ask this because for E-series I found the following note: “After upgrading an e-Series robot to 5.2+, it will not be possible to downgrade below 5.2.0.” are there any similar restrictions for CB robots too, or can we downgrade 10 or even more versions?
What is the recommended way of downgrading, is it enough to make an exact copy of the SD-card before upgrade, and just switch the card to get back the old version?


Whenever it was not possible to downgrade with simply installing the old version update i used to downgrade the robot with switching the sdcard which worked fine. What you need to restore is at least the calibration of the robot, otherwise you will have issues with the tcp accuracy.

What i did not tested tho is the joint firmware compatibilty when downgrading. I‘m not sure how to deal with that, maybe some of the ur guys could share some info about this? :slight_smile:

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