Update UR10 PolyScope to newest version


I have been tasked to update two CB2UR10 robots to the newest version of PolyScope. I red that it is possible to go from CB2 to CB3 & e-series versions of the software, but when I tried to update to 3.0.16471, I just got an rerror message saying that I can’t upgrade from 1.8 to 3.0.

I also installed a new image on storage device, but when I plugged it in, nothing happened on reboot. Any tips/ideas?

Current version: 1.8.25319 (Oct 19 2016)

Do you need to do a motherboard update on the CB2 to run CB3 software?

I’m not quite sure. Based on this article one can migrate from CB2 to CB3 and e-series, but doesn’t list any specifics or details on how to do it or what is required.



We have the same problem.
Year and month of manufacture: April 16, 2014 UR10 CB2 model.
I want to migrate the polyscope and upgrade it to CB3.