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Popup or Assignment(operator input) that shows a string message mixed with integer/float variable

I would like to know if there is a script code or variations to the popup/operator input request, that shows a message that consists of both the message and a variable (concatenated together). Something like the below.
“The system currently has 5 points, would you like to teach more points?” “Yes, No, Cancel” response are the standard ones (for boolean operator inputs). Where 5 is a variable.

For the popup method, currently a workaround i have is to use popup(variable_1, “You have already the above/below number of points”, false, false, true). This method allows the popup window title to be 5, while the message is a fixed message (or maybe vice versa). But this isn’t exactly the way a person reads a message usually.

Any suggestions to make the popup/operator input show a message that is more natural?

Unfortunately there is currently no string manipulation on the robot. We have written some RPC functions that run on an external xmlrpc server that we use to manipulate strings. That is your best option for today unfortunately. We run the server off of the robot on a separate PC that allows us to update the code or add new code easily as we find new situations where we want to be able to manipulate something on the robot that is not currently supported.

thank you very much for the reply. Hope that this string manipulation feature will be available in time to come.