Polyscope 5.12 UI

Hi Everybody!

I hope I’m in the right forum category.
I’ve been reading here and there, mostly all around the forum, and now I’m confused even more than before.

I’m trying to understand what exactly I need to change the UI of the teach-pendant so the user would have specific option buttons, and maybe some kind of user form to fill in.

The only thing I saw in common in a lot of discussions was the URCap, but I didn’t quite understand what the uses of it are, and how it helps me.

Can someone shed some light on the subject, and maybe give me some guidance?
Hopefully I’ll get some examples the demonstrate it.

Elad Lanir.

By default those options do not exist. There is no pendant HMI or similar function.

You can do several pop-up messages to prompt a user to select from options depending on how advanced your system is, this could get ugly.

Also possible to get a HMI to talk modbusTCP and set values in the robot system through that.

From my understanding, you can develop your own dedicated URCap just like any commercially available ones. But, I have not tried it yet.

Other option is to use a HMI with a PLC communicating with the robot controller through MODBUS.

Sorry for my late replay, and thank you very much for yours!

Thank you very much for replying!
I will investigate again those options.

Hi @elad

By default it is not possible, but we have developed a URCap software which will allow you to create this kind of interface, or any kind on that matter.

You can find more info on this post: Teach Pendant HMI

Or you can reach out to us by sending us an email: info@industrialcobotics.be

Kind regards