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Point Feature as reference plane

Hello everyone!

In an application I use a point feature as a reference point. For this I defined a new TCP for reference pin and I used this TCP to define the point feature and in the program the MoveL function is relative to this point Feature. But after the re-teaching this point I experienced much offset in the MoveL positions.

My question is, that how the software calculate the Point Feature with only one position? How precise it and is it a good method to detect 1-5 mm offset?

Did you pay attention to orientation of the point? When you teach Point feature, its orientation of the reference frame is the same as the tool. If you did it with different orientation each time, that would explain strange offset.
Perhaps you will be better off with teaching a Plane feature. You get to control orientation of the reference frame much easier.

The position and orientation of the reference point is always changes, that’s why I would like to use a Feature. Maybe it will be the best to use a plane.

Thank you for your answer.

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