Feature of feature (hierarchies of ref. planes)

I am developing an application with different stations on the same work bench.
I would like to create a reference plane of the work bench and then different reference planes/points on each station (e.g., a buffer, a jig, etc.).
The reference plane is used to setup the work cell in case the cobot is moved in another positions without the need to re-programm all the points. I teach the ref. plane each time and that’s it. It works.
The reference planes/points on each station should allow to move the different stations on the workbench without re-programming all the points related with that station. However, in this case I have not identified an effective way to manage it. Is it possible to realise a feature with respect to another feature? Like in RoboDK where it is possible to create hierarchies of reference planes.
Thank you in advance for any support.