Ployscope 5.15 carshed with Universal_Robots_ROS_Driver

I Upgraded my UR5e polyscope to new version 5.15, and running my code using latest Universal_Robots_ROS_Driver.
I’m using ROS1 Noetic version

  1. When dashborad’s “speed_scaling_factor” value >= 50% the ROS UR initialize crashed and I got the following message in the dashboard - “Wrist 2A: C306A3: Joint: Acceleration failed to pass sanity check”
  2. When dashborad’s “speed_scaling_factor” value < 50% - my Application is working fine
  3. Old polyscope version - my Application working fine

I downloaded the latest Universal_RobotsROS_Driver and the robot crushed when i run the following command: ```
roslaunch ur_robot_driver <robot_type>_bringup.launch robot_ip:=
its never happen with previous Polyscope versions