Play audio from Cobot

Other than the teach pendant’s pop up message, I was hoping to add like some notification sound + pop up message. That would help greatly in the new project we are working on. To give you an idea of what our situation is: The Cobot is going to be left alone in a small room while our technicians are busy inspecting parts. After the cobot is done with one task, it needs a user input before it can start with other task. To get a technicians attention, a sound will play. That sound can be like a simple “ding” or a whole text-to-speech/prerecorded voice that says something like “Please switch out the baskets and press ‘Continue’ when ready”. The technician will then take the basket the Cobot was holding to a new room, and come back with a new basket for the Cobot to take.

Some people have mentioned using a Raspberry Pi or Arduino with a sound card to generate the audio but I haven’t the slightest idea how to get that started yet…


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How about just using a simple 24V buzzer? It’s not a pleasant sound, but it gets the job done, is cheap and very easy to install (wire directly to DO and 0V). :slight_smile:

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We have something like that for our other Cobots. But it would’ve been cooler to have that option :smile: Another thing we forgot to mention is, when the Robot detects some object or person with a sensor/small collision, it will trigger an audio saying like “please step away from the robot” or “Please remove foreign object from robot workspace to resume program”. Maybe there’s already a sensor device that can communicate with the robot and make that happen… :thinking: :thinking:

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I don’t know of a device which plays custom sound activated by an input, I’m afraid. You probably have to use an RPI or Arduino, as you mention yourself.
There should be a lot of Arduino examples. Just Google some. Then you will have to control a 24V relay with the UR for when to play the sound. The relay must trigger an input in the Arduino, which then plays the sound. :slight_smile:

Just use a DFPlayer-mini! :wink:

All you need are a few resistors, a speaker and an SD card.

There’s a 3W amplifier on board, which should be loud enough for most cases.
I used this boad a few times for other fun projects.

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If you want to keep it industrial, banner has a whole series of audible devices that can be triggered by the robot.

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Ja, das ist eine Gute Idee. Das wäre quasi das i-Tüpfelchen.