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Adding ability to play voice and video to robot program

Dear Developers,

I am starting to implement the new UR5 station. An unusual and new element of this station for me, is that I have to add the ability to display video files and play sound files.
I am a total beginner in cobot developing and so far I have not been in contact with the topic of robot communication with other external devices.

I am not asking you to solve this problem for me, but to direct me, in your opinion on how to solve this problem in the simplest way.

Will the robot software let me easily get these possibilities? Just write the right Urcap?

Should I solve it on an external computer from the beginning and only communicate it with the cobot?

I will be very grateful for all the tips,

Michal Wozniak


I think it would be possible to squeeze it out of the robot cabinet, but it will save you a lot of headaches, if you do it on external hardware.

For starters, where would sound be coming from? Is there an audio jack? Do you want use usb sound card?

I would most likely use a raspberry pi to handle video and audio, and some level shifting between the gpio on the pi and the in and outputs on the robot. Unless you use ethernet and communicate with modbus instead.


I think there is no audio jack in robot cabinet, so for sure I will have to add an external sound card.
As you wrote, I want to have as less headaches as I can, for sure :slight_smile:

What do you think about @michael.andresen proposition?

I see that in both I have to base on Linux, on which I haven’t had any experience. And that what is the most scary me. On the other hand there is a lot of sites for Raspeberry. Certainly more then about UR :slight_smile:

Thanks @michael.andresen it is a good shot.

Any another advice?

Python and omxplayer