Pick and place detecting if tube has been picked

We are currently using a UR10 robot to Pick and place metal tubes. The tubes can be excessively oily and not get picked up by the magnets sometimes. we would like to know if its possible to detect if it has picked something without additional sensors. I’m at the understanding that the robot can detect weight for payload. can we use that to detect if it did or did not pick up something? any other ideas would be great.


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I would have to check this on my own robot, and we don’t have any grippers installed right now, but I would think you would be able to read the force on the TCP.

Use the script command “zero_ftsensor()” BEFORE picking your part, then execute your gripper close action. Now do a comparison on the value of either “force()” or “tcp_force()” to determine if it’s picked. Something like this maybe: