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Path adjustment according to the forces encountered


I am using an UR3e and i would like to use the E-series force sensor to adjust an insertion path according to the forces encountered.

I know there is a Robotiq URcap (Force copilot) capable of doing this, but i would like to know if it is possible to do with with just urscript language.

I’ll appriciat it if anyone can provide any leads.
Thank you.

At any time you can pull the total magnitude of the built-in sensor with:


or you can pull the current force torque vector using:


would the force_mode() function work for you at all? It gives you a couple of different options for making the gripper a little more conformant to the things around it.

You can specify the robot to exert a force in a certain axis, or you can have the robot move along one axis, but also allow a certain level of path deviation around another axis based on the force it detects. The caveat is that I don’t believe you can allow path deviation in an axis you are controlling.