Password safety for specific programs

Hello guys,
Is it possible to put a password safety on specific programs? I know about admin-,operator-, and safety passwords but I don’t mean that.
Operator 1 has a password so that he/she can only start program 1.
Operator 2 has a password so that he/she can only start program 2.
Operator 1 cannot start program 2 and vice versa.

You could try using a variable that is assigned via operator input. Then, right after the Assignment command, put a Wait statement to check if the entered value is the same as your expected password.

If you want the Assignment prompt to come back up if the wrong password is entered, you’ll need to integrate a Loop into this. Additionally, there isn’t going to be a way to hide what is being entered with this method. If operator 2 is watching operator 1 enter their password, they will be able to see what is being entered. The variable will also show up on the variables tab of the run screen.

2 external key switches and give each operator 1 key.


I am really interested in this application. How would you restrain the access to some checkboxes that can be found inside the installation tab? Do you know if there is a way to add a password?