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Locking out Program

Hi all,

I think I have a common problem. I have an operator that is a “button pusher,” that keeps screwing up the program by adding steps. I would like to lock this function out to myself and our Maintenance team however I’ve noticed if you password the program then you also lock out the installation tab.

Sadly for us, we need the installation tab to be unlocked and available for the operator to change a value on occasion.

Do you have any solutions/ideas?

Any advice would be much appreciated,

What do you use the Installation for on occasion? I only ask because there may be a command you are unaware of, if, for example, your operator is using it to change TCP or Payload

We use the installation tab for setting a specific variable so the cobot knows what bin to load into. Throughout their shift, they might have to adjust the bin index for partial skids/pallets.

Is this something you can prompt the operator for in the Before Start sequence of your program? For example, currently when he needs to, he will go into the Installation and change a variable value. You could change this such that when the program stops, it will start by asking for this variable’s value. The operator can then input the value instead of hard-coding it via the installation. Is something like this possible in your situation? Otherwise I think the answer is no, for what you’re looking for. Though there may be some 3rd party CAPs on the UR+ market place that COULD do this.

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If you use the Assignment node you can change it to “Operator” instead of “Expression” so it will generate a popup and request a specified value from the user. You can put this in the Before Start sequence so when it first runs it will request this value from the operator and then continue running as long as you have the “Program Loops Forever” set as well. If you don’t, it will ask the operator each time they play the program.

Alternative option. Wire a bin selection switch to the control IO, and remove screen interaction completely.