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Orientation repeatability

What is the robot tool orientation (rotation vector) repeatability?

It is not expressly specified in the Technical Specification of the product.
But within the repeatability range, it is generally OK to assume, that the “mm” specification can be replaced with “mrad” for orientation repeatability.

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To add to what Jacob stated, unofficially I have heard of some testing done by our end-users that claimed better than .1 mRad, but this could depend on a variety of factors on how the testing was conducted as it is unverified. Just my .02 cents in case you are looking for a ballpark estimate.


This is a very good repeatability. I have a pixel array sensor with 55 microns pixel size. 0.1mrad (UR5) means I can place it as far as 550mm from the tool flange to notice the rotation differences.
I’ll post here if I get different repeatability in my tests.

Great! Keep us updated. I want to say that test was on an E-Series but I’m not familiar with the results too much.

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