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OPC-UA for Universal Robots. BETA-testing available

Dear Developer Forum!

Rocketfarm are working on a big update for our OPC-UA
software product, empower Universal Robots to communicate via OPC.
The solution allow robot being both server and client.

If you would like to test and check out the product, it´s now
available for Beta-testing.

Please reach out to bjorn@rocketfarm.no for a demo licence.

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Hi there, is it by using an UR Cap? Am I able to communicate all the UR Register via OPC?

Hi caue.polachini,
What kind of Register do you mean exactly?
The URCap provides functions for communication via the OPC UA protocol, but it’s an application level module, which means that the communication must be controlled in the main robot program.
For example, you can read parameters from a remote OPC UA server to perform a specific robot task, or update the value of a OPC UA variable to indicate the status of a task performed by the robot.

By Registers I mean the Output Boolean and Integer Registers, the ones that are provided by UR, which you can read via Ethernet IP.

You also mention that it allows the robot to be both server and client. Does it mean that I can control a slave in an OPC network without a scanner?

No, only the variables that you define under Installation / URCaps / OPC UA are accessible.
The robot program can connect to remote OPC UA servers, and remote OPC UA clients can also connect to the server running on the robot. The main purpose of the URCap is to exchange data by using the OPC UA protocol.
Can you write an example of what slave do you want to control?