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My virtual robot controller broke - C203A0 Mismatch

Somehow my virtual robot broke during the night…

I have been using it the past weeks to run different tests, and during the night, it seems to have decided it had enough of my abuse.

Looks like it has become aware it isn’t a real robot.

Anyone else tried this, and found a fix?

My first recommendation would be to delete the installation file and try to re-initialize the robot. I do remember facing a similar issue previously that was possibly to do with switching between URSim for UR3/5/10 (the controller process not being stopped before the new GUI started possibly?)… but don’t remember exactly how I fixed it unfortunately.

Is this happening every time you start URSIM? After a VM reboot too?

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Might also be that some files are corrupted. Try installing new instance of URSim on VM. Download URSim for linux from our website, and install next to the one that is not working.

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