Stopping moving

  1. I have a question about performing other functions during the movement. Robot moves from waypoint1 to waypoint2 and during this movement I would like to do some other command. Is not defined when (during movement) will be execute this command.
    I would like to execute the application: Robot moves from waypoint1 to waypoint2 and during this movement receives a command ,stop, (socket communication). How can I make this application?

  2. How in the program is executed pressing a button on the teachpendant? When I click the button to the right – the robot goes to the right; when I finish the press – robot will be stopped.

Hi !

  1. It’s possible to add “Thread” structure command. This will allow you to do other functions simultaneously. In the main program you can set a variable HIGH when you start moving from waypoint 1 and put back this variable to LOW after the movement. Under the Thread structure, you can verify that same variable and do whatever you want if it’s HIGH, like watching the socket communication for the stop command.

  2. I’m not sure to understand the question :confused:

Not sure if it helped you … Hope so :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answer.
Generally I asked because I do an external program (in another development enviroment) in which I want to have a button. When pressing and holding the button - the robot should go to the right (for example). When the robot button is released it will stop.
I would like to have the same functionality as in the MOVE tab.
I can send an infomation to the robot that the button is pressed but I do not know how to start the movement so that I can later when the button is released, the robot stopped.
I will be grateful for any hints

Seems like some of the functionality explained in this topic might be relevant as well.