Program Correction by Key Waypoints on same robot arm

Hello, so my case is that I have a robot arm that is installed and unistalled and the programs need to be recalibrated each time but I can’t becasue I get the error “Program Correction is not applicable when using the same robot the program was created on”, so what I’m asking is there a way to prevent this error or bypass it? Or maybe another whay to re-calibrate the programs.

Hi @Alessandro_Gilli,
The problem you describe is a common problem for customers using the robot for several tasks simultaneously. And the sollution should be implemented before writing the program. Neverthless the solution in your case is to edit the robot’s program, and more precisely all the waypoints in it, so that their reference coordinate system is the reference point you will set once for calibration ex. on the station.

See that if you program waypoints in space you define them relative to the robot base. So if the base of the robot moves, ex. on the mounting screws by a few millimeters, all the points you have created will move by the same distance. The key here will be to change this so that all these points are associated with some single waypoint on the station, not the robot base - because you know that the waypoint on the station will not move relative to the points that are included in your program.


  • Designate one point on the station, anywhere-which will be your calibration point
  • Save this point in the installation as a global variable and call it reference_point
  • Now a bit of long work - you need to get to each point in your program and save it again, but choosing feature as reference_point instead of the standard base.

Now your point is written relative to the reference_point and not the robot base.
The next time you move the robot to a different location, or it moves a few millimeters after reassembly, just teach the reference point again, and all points will “tune” to it.

Just remember that the reference position have to be teach really precisely including translation and also rotation.

I hope it helps. :slight_smile:


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