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Moving along a curved surface in force mode


I am relatively new to URScript and am trying to understand the force_mode options for our application.

I need to program the UR to move along a curved surface and apply a fixed force perpendicular to the surface. I know the waypoints that will make the robot tool frame stay normal to the surface, but, I am not sure how to set the force mode frame.

When configuring force mode, how do I specify a “moving” force frame what is aligned with the tool as it moves along the surface?

thanks for your help.

The Support Site article on Dynamic Force Control may be what you are looking for.
Or in general, updating the Force Mode frame from a Thread could do the job.

Thanks for the response.

Having a separate thread that calls force_mode with the latest tool_pose is a solution as you suggest. I don’t quite understand how the motion-force and point-force modes work and was wondering if one of those could make this use-case easier to program.