Force Mode Using Point

Working with a customer who wants to move a threaded pipe around a buffing wheel. It would be ideal that the robot applies a force toward the center of the wheel as it moves around the wheel. We experimented with the Force template and the Type is set to Point. We also created a point feature that is taught at the center of the buffing wheel. The X and Y axis of the feature are perpendicular to the wheel’s axis and the Y axis is parallel. We set the feature for Force to the point feature we created. We tried testing the setup with the TEST button in the Force template. The force for Y was set to 2N. The force for X and Z were set to 0N so that we could move the EOAT around and feel how the 2N force worked as we moved around the wheel. In Test the robot applied a force toward the center of the wheel as we moved around the wheel. Thus, it worked exactly how we needed it to. When we ran our program the robot did not apply the force the same as in Test. Instead of applying the force toward the center of the wheel, it applied the force in the direction of the Y axis of the feature. It acted like the Type was changed from Point to Frame. I opened the .script file of the program in the script editor and looked at how Force_Mode() was configured. The Type parameter was set to ‘1’, as expected. Thus, I don’t know if I am applying the function incorrectly, or if this is just a bug with Force_Mode(). If there is a better way to apply a force around an axis, please let me know. The robot currently has Polyscope 5.11.9 installed. Thank you.