Movel not using proper TCP speed

Steps to reproduce:
Have a tool attached with TCP x=0,y=120mm,z=300mm. Put the tool pointing downward on the robot base plane with a 45 degrees angle (this can be about the base X axis, or Y-axis, doesn’t matter, but assume X axis). Have the robot move along the base X axis with constant speed, but at the end position, the tool should be under an angle of 45 degrees along the moving direction. So at first, the robot toolflange is above the start point, at the end it’s at 45 degrees with it along the move direction

For images to clarify and additional description, see topic “Movel with proper tool speed” (Movel with proper tool speed)

Expected Behavior:
Movel() should move the tool tip at the specified speed. movel is initiated with a=2.5 and v=0.006 (so slow moving).

Actual Behavior:
The robot moves really, really slow to the given end point. It does end up in the correct pose and the motion path taken is lineair as expected. It’s purely the speed that is wrong. Modifying movel() to a movep() crashes the robot (it moves extremely violent and causes the robot safety system to activate).

Workaround Suggestion:
Making the same move, but this time specifying t= instead of the a & v parameters, does make the correct move in the desired time, how ever, the speed profile taken is horrible especially if the distance between start point and endpoint is bigger then 20mm

Robot Serial Number:
Robot serial no: 2022300544 & 2018300970

Affected Version(s):
Both robots are CB3 and we use only features up to version 3.7 of polyscope.