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Movec with small radius -> blend too small


I tried to make a spiral with a very small radius. I’ve chosen Radius=1mm (0.001m) and Blend=0.1mm(0.0001m). (Actually the “intro” to the spiral uses 1mm as a diameter):

This is (somehow) the code used:
movel(p[0.300007, -0.623016, 1.30107, 0.000034, 0.000036, -1.623212], a=10, v=5, r=0)
movec(p[0.300507, -0.622516, 1.30107, 0.000034, 0.000036, -1.623212], p[0.301007, -0.623016, 1.30107, 0.000034, 0.000036, -1.623212], a=2, v=0.08, r=0.0001)
movec(p[0.300007, -0.624016, 1.30107, 0.000034, 0.000036, -1.623212], p[0.299007, -0.623016, 1.30107, 0.000034, 0.000036, -1.623212], a=2, v=0.08, r=0.0001)

At this place I get the script-error ( not runtime error!) “movec: Blend radius too small”
(The same, when I use 0 as Blend)

This error message is somehow unusual to me. Even stranger: If I use a very big Blend (bigger than the distance between the way-points), then it works!
Can anybody explain?


One of the explanations is that the via pose is not handled with the blend in mind. So there is no overlapping blends issue in your case.