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Move until tool contact in UR Script

When programming UR e-series from the pendant, there is a convenient command option for the move command, that adds “until tool contact” condition. Is there a corresponding counterpart in UR Script, or should one implement it oneself similarly as is done on page 63 of the manual - section 14.1.49 tool_contact_examples?

Hi Marek,

no, there is no direct correspondent Script function available.

To get an insight in the script equivalent, you can program the functionality in Polyscope and save the Program. Then take a look at the generated script code, which you can use as a basis for your approach.

Often do Poylscope Features require quite a bit of Script code in the background to contain all the needed functionality. The Manual you have linked is the correct place to go in cases like yours.


I forgot to reply, sorry. I looked into the generated script and indeed it is lengthy, anyway, we solved the problem by programming the functionality in urscript by hand.

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