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Move from: urx library to URScript

I am new to the URScript, but I am trying to communicate with the robot in real-time.
From what I have seen the URCap is nicely developed, with the ability to use python libraries such as urx, that allows for easy and effective robot control.
As a newbie in the field, I would like to know if there is a way in which I can take the urx library and transform it into URScript to run it in real-time.
Thank you for your help

Hi @RobotNoob,

I am not really familiar with the urx project. To my knowledge it is currently not possible. You have the option to write a python daemon that can assist you URScript with the functionality you are missing there.

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Thank you for reply,
Could you explain the general concept of daemon and how it can be used?

The daemon is a process running parallel with URControl. You can take a look at the samples where the daemon is written in both Python and c++, they are then running native on the robot.

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Hi @Ebbe

Python coding is easier than C++ coding.
Would you tell me which kind of case it is recommend to code by C++ in?.

When I created the sample urcap for getting IK, I have coded by c++. The reason is I thought that speed for calculating is faster than python.

Hi @fujikit,

If you have some functionality already written in c++ that you need in your daemon, or if you are doing heavy calculations and is concerned about the performance I would go for the c++ daemon.