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Mounting UR5e arm

Hello.I’m planning to mount the arm sideways (on a wall like structure). Everytime I power up the robot,I manually change the mounting configuration on the teach pendant. Is there a better way to save this mounting installation so that I don’t need to do this always? When it is mounted straight on top of a rigid surface,the teach pendant understands its last move position.But when I mount my arm on the side,the teach pendant doesn’t detect it properly.Could you help me out in this? I’m pretty new to using UR robots

It’s part of “installation”. Save “default” installation after changing mounting position.

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Thanks a lot for the reply! Also can I change my home position of the robot after mounting it on the wall in this case? I observed that the arm is configured with a predefined home position out of the box.

No, home position is hardcoded in software. You can however define “safe home” position yourself.