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Monitoring window/dialog box during program execution


I would like to know if there is a way to create a full screen window that appears when a program is started and is updated during execution (variable content, some action buttons…) ? This can be a tab window, but it replaces (or is added to ) the standard one.
It is very common to have a screen dedicated to that in automated systems but I don’t see how to do it within the UR system. It would be very overkill to have to add an other screen to do this while there is a touch screen available. And this is a recurrent request we have and we are very surprised that is is, as far we know, something available to that !

I can see URCaps window to add some stuff during programming, but I don’t see any example for something that is present during program execution.
Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance,


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There is a feature request, that seems to cover your needs: Runtime Interaction GUI elements
If you second this request, simply “like” that post.
Hopefully this will be implemented soon by UR.