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Fullscreen mode

How can be enabled the fullscreen mode of the teach pendant within a custom URCap?

Alessandro Tondo @qbrobotics


Using the API, URCaps can only take up respectively a program node view or installation node view.
Full screen UI is not supported in the API (valid for SDK v. 1.1 and below)

Thank you for the quick response @jbm.

So I believe that the behavior shown in the video of the Robotiq 2-finger gripper is not possible to achieve. Is that a fake?

Alessandro Tondo @qbrobotics

It is not available through the current SDK, and we do not recommend trying to implement these kind of overlay styles.
As it is not supported in the API, we cannot guarantee any kind of compatibility for future software releases.


Even though fullscreen mode is not supported, is there any way of switching screens with a button using the current API?

Do you mean something like distinct pages with their own html structure? It would be an interesting feature, since show/hide elements is a bit annoying and not well supported yet.

Alessandro Tondo @qbrobotics

Yes, I meant something like that.
For now, hiding and showing divs from the java side is good enough as a workaround…

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Actually a hidden object takes up a small (i.e. non zero) space in the GUI. This is a bit annoying.

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What would the use-case be for having a full screen contribution?
Where should it be placed? As a full screen option e.g. for an Installation node, or as a separate tab, e.g. Log?
Should you both be able to access it under Programmer and Operator/Run view?

Please elaborate.

(I have moved this topic to the Feature requests category)

When I first asked this question I was only attracted by the video mentioned above and I was not very practical with the UR system. For example, I thought that the URCap could have been interactive in some way during the execution of the program. Maybe the same video was misleading.

Later I have better understood this system (cf. Execute distinct scripts within a URCap) and now I don’t think any longer that a full screen mode could be very useful.

On the other hand, I like the proposal of @jubeira. It can be hard to fill everything in a single page of something about 600x500 px. The possibility of switching the whole interface between several preconfigured setups would be useful. Especially if it could be enabled on custom button click.

Nonetheless I also understand that this is not a priority, since a workaround already exists.

Alessandro Tondo @qbrobotics

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We would like to use full screen mode for our object localization URCaps. The screen will show a camera image, the user will point to some location at the image with the highest possible precision. To do that, we would like to fully utilize the screen area.