HMI full screen with URCaps


I’m looking to create a HMI with URCaps and I would like it to take the full screen, like this:

We can also see it in the video at 2:52

Do you have any idea how they did it?

Thank you in advance for your answers !


Hey, Any luck on finding out how this is done?

Dang I’ve been wishing I could contribute a run screen to my CAP for a long time. I didn’t think you were allowed access to certain sections of the UI. I’d love to know what they were doing in that video

You can do it by creating a new JFrame.


Then you can open this new view whenever you want

For example, I have create this view on the Installation node view and I show it on the openView method of the contribution node. This way, the custom view will be shown as soon as the robot is started.

Then you just need to add all your elements on this new JFrame

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We developed a URCap where you can more easily create a custom HMI.
Take a look at the following post:

Hi, thx for your hint.
What do you exactly mean with “the custom view will be shown as soon as the robot is started”?

Do you mean, when you first click on Installation > URCaps > “Name of the Installation Node” or really automatically when the boot screen is finish?