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MODBUS TCP: getting TCP-force from sensor

I am writing external MODBUS-TCP based UR5e force control driver(slave). One of the goal is to implement reading force sensor data from the MODBUS registers. “Modbus Server - 16377” documentation page shows no registers for reading TCP-force from the sensor. Is it possible with MODBUS? Did anybody measure the time delay between getting data from the sensor and receiving it on the URScript (via get_tcp_force() function) or RTDE? I am working with almost solid and fragile objects (like eggs and thin glass) and I am trying to minimize this delay, which could be fatal for them.

The update frequency of the of the data on get_tcp_force() and the RTDE is 500 Hz onthe eSeries. So you can use this options, to receive the data you need. Do you have to use the Modbus-Protocol for you application? The alternatives (e.g. RTDE) are faster, which would lead to a better performance for your application.

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