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Modbus server URSim


I’m making a new application for my industry.
The purpose is to control the robot by an external application.
The robot act like a server and the application is the client.

Now, I’m at the begining, but the communication is not working.

In the ursim, I have this code in the BeforeStart program :

def beforeProgram():
ipAddress = “”
portNumber = 136
signalName = “Communication”
modbus_add_signal(ipAddress, 255, portNumber, 0, signalName)

And in my application (in C#), I have that :

client = new ModbusClient(, 136);

I have try multiplical tries, but that does’nt work…
I have check already check that my virtual machin alow ursim to create a server

Anyone could help me ?

Hi @thierry.beboux,

Welcome to the UR community forum!

This topic might be helpful to you. And reading this article is also worth reading.

Best regards

HI @Ebbe,

Thanks for your answer.

Now, my server is created. But I can’t reach the good address.

In first time, I try to read the input in address 0 (like documentation says) or the analog output (address 16).

Code: modbus_add_signal(“”, 255, 0, 0, “Communication”)

In ursim, I try to toggle the input in simulation mode, but I can’t see any change in my application. I think that I don’t have the good address, but I don’t know where to look…

Have you more informations to help me again ?

Best regards

Hi @thierry.beboux,

I am not quite sure where you are having your issues and where your C# application is running?

As I stated here, it is a nice exercise from URScript to connect to local host on “”:


Thanks for your answers.

I have found my probleme and solved id :slight_smile:

But I still have a question. I can read and write the registers output and read the input.

Is there a possibility to write/read a register that is note connected to a physically port ?

For example : I want to send to the robot a start command, but I can’t make it without a physically output.

Can I send an information purely virtual ?