ModBus Reset Via PLC or Direct Input

Evening all,

Have a robot development project where we are interfacing a UR10 with an Allen Bradley PLC Via MODBUS,

Is there anyway of Refreshing MODBUS that doesn’t involve using the robot pendent on the installation screen under MODBUS.

Hope this makes sense


Currently the only way is to use script to delete all signals connected to PLC, and add them again.
Look into modbus_delete_signal(), and modbus_add_signal() function in script manual.
UR is implementing improvements to modbus script functions where reset will be available as script command. It’s tested in closed beta right now.
Could you PM me with the reasoning behind this request?

Are you using sequential mode option in the modbus client setup of the robot? IF the reason you want to reset the driver is because you are losing connection to the PLC this option might prevent this problem from happening in the first place.