Modbus Refresh (Watchdog)

Modbus Refresh

We have a measuring device that is connected up to the Modbus, The Measuring Device is set using a Qr code, and the Qr code is dependant if we are measuring a external feature or a internal feature.

When we change over using the Qr code the measuring device obviously looses connection, from the modbus, but is easily rectified by MANUALLY refreshing it afterwards.

Is there any watchdog script that can watch it drop then refresh it, When it does?

As we don’t want a operator on the shop floor having to unlock passwords going in to the Modbus page to refresh.

As there should be something that we can do that monitors the connection?

Modbus should reconnect automatically. Possibly changing signal update frequency in advanced modbus options will help.
Other way could be managing modbus connections manually from urscript in running program. Look for script commands beginning with modbus_


The Modbus does not reconnect, we have tried different frequencies, but becomes unstable when we go past 10hz(yellow status indicator).

Just to elaborate on the Issue Chris is having,
We have the Robot connected to a measurement gauge via a Modbus TCP to RTU Gateway.

The problem occurs when settings are applied to the gauge the Modbus drops for a fraction of a second.
all of the Register Outputs indicators go grey, and cannot read or write values to or from the Register output.

I think that because the robot IP connection to the Gateway is still good the robot doesn’t try a reconnect and so have to manually refresh the signals, to get communication again.

I’ve been through all the setting on the gateway with tech support and there isn’t an option to refresh the connection at the gateway.

It would be very handy to have a Script function to refresh the signals in the same way the refresh button does.