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Detecting Modbus/TCP Connection Disconnected

I would like to put in two feature request for the Modbus/TCP interface:
First a option to check if a Modbus server/client has disconnected in the URScript.
What I would imagine is either something like:

  1. modbus_open(IP, slave_number) which returns a bool depending on if the server is connected.
  2. modbus_open(signal_name) which returns a bool depending on if the signal/server is OK.

Of course both options would also be nice :slight_smile:

Secondly a URScript command to refresh the Modbus/TCP signals of a server which acts like the refresh button under Modbus in the installation tab.
This would be nice because I’ve had some trouble where an external Modbus server has been restarted so the connection to it was lost and I was first able to connect to it again after refreshing in the Modbus tab.
I do not mind if this refresh is for all connected devices or if it is possible to refresh the signals of only one device.