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MAX memory storage installation variable

Hi everyone,

I’m using an installation file which already contains a lot of variables and lists.

I tried to create other lists and test their storage to be sure of correct allocation.

I noticed that it’s not possible to store a large amount of data because when I tried to write a value at the end of a list (so last element) there is no change.

I tried today to install the last SW version (3.15) since this version has optimized disc usage to free up more space for 3rd party applications, but the situation is the same, I can only write a list of 279 elements with the other existing variables (elements are decimal values with 6 number, example 0.12345)

Here I post 2 screenshot as example:

The list with 300 elements (always 0.12345)

Here test to change the last element:

but when I come back to installation variable the last element is always 0.12345 (I tried other index and nothing changes)

My question is:

  • It’s possible to know in advance the MAX memory storage capability of “Installation Variable” (indication in B, kB, MB to have extended precision)
  • It’s correct this data type size table?

    because I’m convinced that values like 0.12345 take up 64 bit (8 Byte)

I had same kind of question but i didn’t had memory leaks like theorie would sugest :slightly_frowning_face:(just a mechanical student here doesn’t know stuf about ict)

link post

but maybe this would work out for you.

Hi Corne,

thank you for your help, but every post in UR forum concerning this topic I have already read it and I haven’t found any answer.

I trust in an answer form UR technicians given the need from many other UR user, I think only they have these type of information.

Unfortunately my Cobot is an UR10, from the series CB, and interpreter mode is only dedicated for E-Series.

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