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Magically Changing RPY Values


We have a UR3e and an UR10e both running 5.10 and are seeing this effect from both. We are manually entering a RPY value and having the cobot move to the correct position. For example, we enter RPY = [0,95,45] and the cobot moves to the correct orientation. However, when we go back to the RPY interface, the RYP shown does not match what we entered. When entering the original RPY again [0,95,45], the cobot does not move since it is already in this position. But again, going back to the RPY display, the cobot has a different value to the RPY that does not match what was entered. These new values are always different each time we try this process.

Does anyone know why the RPY value is displayed differently that what was entered? Is it possible there are many different RPY solutions and the display is just showing one of the calculated solutions?

I am also working this with Mike, and to clarify, we are seeing more than 2 solutions for this RPY. Every time we type in the original RPY, the new RPY that is displayed is different.

It is a harmless bug.
Ignore it. Basically, the values you see on the screen are scaled values and they denote the same pose as you inputed.
Check the explanation here