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Loosing payload

In the UR product manual, the following statement has been made
1. Construct tools and gripper so that an interruption of power
does not create any hazards. E.g. a work-piece falling out of
the tool.

For vacuum applications, there are two cases:
1- Power loss resulting in lost payload after a short period of time < 1 sec
2- Loss of Air supply resulting in almost immediate loss of payload (unless there is a back-up reservoir)

What is your take on this note and what is your advice? Is it handled as a part of the risk assessment done by integrator?

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The risk of loss of the work piece due to loss of power or other failures, should typically be addressed in the risk assessment.

Some suction cup type grippers, have an ejector design, that allows the vacuum to remain present, even if the power drops by mechanical construction. So this may be an option.

Thanks, who’s risk assessment? The Tool manufacturer/supplier or the integrator(s)?
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Ultimately, the risk assessment lies with the integrator of the robot application.

However the more the manufacturer can aid the integrator in this, by providing good guidelines, information or other knowledge, the happier the customer - I suppose.