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Live Video Stream

I am kind of new to the URCap API. I successfully went through the tutorial videos which help a lot but it did not answer all of my questions. I am planing on creating a URCap, that allows for a communication with an external pc to transmit big Data as well as a live video stream. Do u have any suggestions on how to best do this? Maybe u have a tutorial or test program, which would help me out? Any helpt is much appreciated.

What kind of live video do you like to stream? i think you can clone the Polyscope UI using the display port on the e-Series. There is also a way to use Polyscope with a Remote Desktop connection. If you like to send a Data Stream from an external camera and control it with a urcap i would suggest to use sth. like the jffmpeg library. If there is any robot data you want to send, check out the RTDE Guide.

Hi sbi

If you want help to URCap development please contact the Airgate Team :slight_smile: info@airgate.dk

BR Søren Lund

Hi @sbi , I would like to do Live video streaming too .

I will connect the camera to an external device, from this external device send the data to the robot and then use the library JFFMPEG to reproduce this video, that suggest @m.birkholz .

I am don’t know how I could send this data from the external device to the robot, and I would like to ask both of you, how you have solve it this issue.