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Issue in starting Simulator in PolyScope 3.7


I have created a VM using the image ‘Controller_CF-CB3.1-’ (CB 3.1-3.7 Series) in Oracle VirtualBox.
My host is on Windows 7 Professional.

Once the VM is up and Polyscope UI is loaded, I see an error message popup saying

“Setup of Safety Control board failed: SCB uA is not responding”.
Attaching the screenshot ‘Fault’ for your reference

When I try to ‘initialize robot’, That screen also shows as ‘Fault’ and unable to do ‘Start’ as button is disabled.
Attaching the screen shot ‘InitializeRobot’ for this and log screen shot ‘Log’ as well

Can you please check and let me know if there is any settings or configuration is missing.

You should not use the “image files” from the support site.
These are depending on the hardware of the physical controller.
Hence they are not meant to play in a simulated environment, where they do not have the physical PCB’s.

You should use the “URSim” either as Linux or VM.

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